Workshops and debriefs are a great tool to utilize to enhance the mental health and overall wellbeing of all staff in any organization.

Mental health wellness workshops for organizations:

I provide regular mental health wellness workshops for organizations with a focus on psycho-education which can serve as a powerful resource with lasting benefits. Each workshop is designed with specific goals to teach and guide you using the most up to date research findings based in psychotherapy, evolutionary and neurosciences.

All workshops can be created for the specific mental health wellness topic needed by the organization. Examples of such workshops include: 

Fostering Resilience: This workshop gives insight into what resilience means and why it is crucial for our mental health wellbeing. We examine ways to understand our personal strengths associated with resilience and gain strategies for enhancing our resilience through a planned process.

Self-awareness : Are you self-aware? You may be surprised to find out the answer! This workshop looks at our internal processes of self-awareness to better understand how we see ourselves and the role that emotional intelligence plays in this. A science backed approach at examining our emotional processes as well as how to cultivate them will also be covered.

Stress management: This workshop gives participants an overview of stress but moves beyond that to provide insight through an assessment of their own personal stress. The newest findings in stress research demonstrates that how you think about stress matters and this knowledge is used to provide a variety of tools for managing stress in any situation.

Effective communication: Discover the benefits and main elements of effective communication and how to set the scene for better mutual understanding. Through a communication assessment questionnaire, gain more insight into your communication style. Four of the greatest challenges to effective communication is also examined as well as how culture plays a role in our exchange of information.

Vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue & burnout: What are Compassion Fatigue/Vicarious Trauma/Burnout? How are they different from one another? Why do they occur?  What can be done about it? This workshop strives to answer these questions and more. Emphasis is placed on early identification of warning signs and prevention tools including a focus on the necessity of self-care.

Mindfulness: “Mindfulness” has been a trending word for some time now but what exactly is it and why practice it?  This workshop allows participants to discover why so many people around the world are embracing this simple and effective way to help quiet the mind, increase attention, awareness and resiliency. There is also an opportunity to experience a short mindfulness meditation session.

Organizational Debriefings:

Team debriefings provide a safe space for its members to discuss and process their experiences at the workplace. One of the main benefits of debriefing is that it offers healthy coping skills and stress management strategies. It also brings a team together, strengthens relationships, and fosters team learning.

In my experience, teams who debrief regularly are much more efficient in communication and have a better sense of collaboration. 

speaker requests:

I’ve had the pleasure of speaking at a number of national and international conferences on matters connected to mental health wellbeing, specifically having to do with vulnerable populations and topics such as newcomer integration, gender-based violence, trauma informed practices and self-care and mental health well-being.  

please contact me For more info regarding workshops, debriefs and/or speaker requests .