Therapy Process


Please note that due to Covid-19 and until further notice, all sessions will take place via video (zoom) or tele counselling.

Individual and Couples Counselling:

Starting the process of counselling can be both empowering and frightening. My approach is solution-focused and proactive. Through our collaborative work together, you can expect to raise your awareness, confront obstacles to change and enhance the skills you need for lasting solutions.

The first session will begin with an informed consent and review of confidentiality, which is of the utmost importance for me. An assessment of your current issue, your personal history and current symptoms will be discussed to collaboratively tailor a treatment plan for you. An understanding of your time and resources are respected and for this reason, the therapy will set its goal orientation into motion from the very start.

Online Therapy:

Online therapy has become a very popular form of therapy for those finding it difficult to come in or simply for those who seek the comfort of their own homes while seeking counselling. It also helps that there is no commute or time spent looking for parking!

I offer both video (Zoom) or telephone counselling. One of the biggest advantages found in online therapy is the disinhibition effect where people feel more comfortable opening up faster resulting in a richer discussion of their problems.

Both in-office and online therapy ensures that all ethical guidelines are followed to ensure privacy and confidentiality.